My Cosmetic Story

After graduating from college, I went back home and started my career as a compounding chemist at a pharmaceutical company. For the longest time, I had my mind set on pharma and going to pharmaceutical school after gaining some experience in the industry. Of course, that eventually changed down the road since I am now a cosmetic chemist. 

It wasn’t even a year after I started at the pharmaceutical company when I decided to look for a new job. I just applied for all kinds of positions, and the majority of these positions were pharmaceutical related. 

I ended up applying for a position in a different industry and in a bigger city (bigger being relative since I was from a small town) just to apply. A month after applying, I was called in for my interview with the company. I enjoyed the interview so much that I began to plan my move. If I was hired for the position, my plan was to also apply for pharmaceutical school since the college I was interested in was close by. 

A month went by and I didn’t hear anything. Another month, nothing. At this point, I decided to continue working at the pharmaceutical company and go from there. Mind you, I had not received any interest or any calls from any of the other positions that I had applied for previously. To this day, I wonder if this is what the majority of entry-leveled people experience. 

Not expecting anything, at the start of my Christmas break, I received an e-mail… a job offer… the job offer that I was waiting for. I was offered the formulation chemist position, and this is how I entered the cosmetic and personal care industry. 

Fast forward a month later, I made my first big girl move (big girl being relative since I was 20 years old). I was in a new city with a new job in a new industry. 

As I transitioned into this new position as a cosmetic formulation chemist, I realized that there wasn’t really a transition period. On my first day, I was shown how to make a basic emulsion, the following 1-2 weeks, I shadowed a fellow formulation chemist, and then after that, I was essentially on my own (with the guidance of my lab manager and R&D director, of course).

Over the next few months, I realized that I enjoyed working in the cosmetics industry, that I enjoyed being a formulation chemist. It was a strange feeling. I was always a K-beauty and skincare fanatic, and when I began in the cosmetics industry, I guess you could say that it was a natural love. I never realized before that I could do both beauty & science together.

Fast forward to now when I am writing this, I am still in the cosmetic and personal care industry, and I am still formulating. If you’re reading this, you’ll see that I’m trying my hand at blogging. I’ve also tried Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Like the influencers say, Follow, Like, and Subscribe! (IG & TW: @cosmeticpadacts | YT @Cosmetic Padacts)

I am at a point in my life where I am extremely happy that I found myself in the cosmetics industry and that I haven’t looked back yet. My current path isn’t what I had “planned“, but I am definitely enjoying everything that I am doing now.

My goal now is to simplify and educate so that you can understand the many options that you have when it comes to cosmetic and personal care products. Through education, you can make choices that align with your personal beliefs for your situation. 

I hope that you will show interest and support me through my career. I would like to thank those who have already been cheering me on. Thank you for giving me your undeserved support! I will try to provide you with the best in return. 

Until next time, bye! 

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