my top k-pop picks of the 2010's

A list of my top k-pop songs for the decade from 2010-2019. You can tell what years I fluctuated in and out of k-pop (lol don’t come for me).

I was first introduced to K-pop in 2008 with TVXQ’s Mirotic & have been an avid listener since.

Hopefully I got the release years correct. Enjoy!


Red Velvet, “Psycho”

IU, “Love Poem” “Blueming”

Jimin Park, “Stay Beautiful”

AKMU, “How Can I Love the Heartbreak, You’re the One I Love”

Lee Hi feat. B.I, “No One”

Chungha, “Gotta Go” 

Eric Nam feat. Marc E. Bassy, “Congratulations”

Stray Kids, “Side Effects” “Levanter”

Baek Ye-rin, “Square (2017)”

BTS, “Boy With Luv” “Make it Right” “Heartbeat”

GOT7, “You Calling My Name”


Sam Kim feat. Crush, “Makeup”

Jimin Park, “April Fools (0401)”

Jonghyun, “Just For A Day”

DEAN feat. Sulli, Rad Museum “Dayfly”

Pentagon, “Shine”

iKon, “Love Scenario”

BTS, “Paradise” “Magic Shop” “The Truth Untold”

Sunmi, “Heroine”


Stray Kids, “I Am You”

Ailee & Gummy, “Jealousy”

Eric Nam, “Honestly”


IU, “Through the Night”

Gallant X Tablo X Eric Nam, “Cave Me In”

DEAN, “Instagram”

BTS, “Spring Day” “Dimple”


Lee Hi, “Breathe” 

Agust D feat. SURAN, “So Far Away”

Crush feat Taeyeon, “Don’t Forget”

DEAN, “Bonnie & Clyde” “D (half moon)” 

DEAN feat. Crush & Jeff Bernat, “what2do”

Taeyeon feat. DEAN, “Starlight”

Jay Park feat. Hoody & Loco, “All I Wanna Do”

Twice, “TT”

BTS, “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” “21st Century Girls”

Baek Ye-rin, “Love You on Christmas”

Ailee feat. Yoon Mi-rae, “Home”


Code Kunst feat. OH HYUK & DOK2, “PARACHUTE”

DEAN feat. Zico, “Pour Up”

BTS, “I Need U” “Butterfly” “Dead Leaves”

Jonghyun, “End of a Day” “Deja-Boo”

iKon, “My Type”

GOT7, “If You Do”

IU, “Twenty-Three”

f(x), “4 Walls”

Big Bang, “Let’s Not Fall In Love”

SHINee, “View”

miss A, “Only You”


Taeyang, “Eyes, Nose, Lips”

Zion. T, “Yanghwa BRDG”

Crush, “Sofa”

Winner, “Empty”

BTS, “Boy in Luv” “Tomorrow” “Danger” “I Like It”


EXO, “Baby Don’t Cry”

miss A, “I Don’t Need A Man”

SHINee, “Everybody”


Ailee, “Heaven”

Yang Yoseob, “Caffeine”

BEAST, “Beautiful Night”

AKMU, “Don’t Cross Your Legs”


miss A, “Good-bye Baby”

SISTAR19, “Ma Boy”

Lee Hyun, “You Are The Best of My Life”

Song Ji-Eun, “Going Crazy”

TVXQ, “Keep Your Head Down”

Hyuna, “Bubble Pop”

2PM, “I’ll Be Back”


BEAST, “Fiction”


SHINee, “Lucifer”

miss A, “Bad Girl, Good Girl”

2PM, “Without You”

2AM, “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”

After School, “Shampoo”

IU, “Good Day”

Epik High, “Run”

Special mentions because everything is just pure gold:

The whole DAY6 discography from debut-now (including unreleased songs).

The whole TXT discography.

You’re welcome.

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