Science-Based Product Review: American vs. Korean Charcoal Mask

GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Mask vs. I Dew Care Pure to the Pore Cleansing Volcanic Ash Clay Mask

For the sake of this review, I purchased the mini size of the GlamGlow mask to have a comparable price to the I Dew Care clay mask.
  • GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Mask (0.5 oz / 15 g / $25.00)

  • Product Description: SUPERMUD is our most advanced clearing treatment and #1 best-selling mud mask. Fights problem skin and skin imperfections with a blend of six acids, activated-x charcoal, and K-17 clay. The SUPER 6 Acid Blend helps loosen dead skin cells to exfoliate and sweep them away, leaving fresh, smooth skin behind. Visibly, instantly clears the complexion. All you need is a thin layer.

    Highlighted Ingredients:

    • Super Six Acid Blend: A properiety blend of both Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids that work together at different speeds on different layers of the skin so you get the benefits of both of the acids. Together they unclog pores that can cause skin problems — Glycolic, salicylic, lactic, mandelic, pyruvic, and tartaric
    • Activated X-Charcoal: An extremely absorption carbon that attracts toxins and dirt from deep in your pores. As the mask dries, pore-matrix dots appears to let you know the formula is working.
    • K-17 Clay: A kaolin clay designed to extract and encapsulate excess sebum oils, ready to be washed away.
    • Teaoxi Eucalyptus Leaves: Real eucalyptus leaves steep in the mud, delivering phytoactives into the formula.

    Ingredients List:

    • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: a water-washed natural spectate clay that easily hydrates. It keeps the internal phase droplets suspended and separated and reduces the tendency of emulsions to thin out and break at elevated temperatures — helps with the stability of the product
    • Carbon: also known as activated charcoal
    • PEG-12 Dimethicone: reduces surfactants tension and can create oil in water and silicone in water emulsions — gives great spreadability and improved aesthetics
    • Caprylyl Glycol, Hexylene Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate: in combination to boost, aid, and preserve cosmetic formulations
    • Sodium Hydroxide: a pH adjuster that raises the pH
    • Maltodextrin: used as an absorbent binder and emulsion stabilizer
    • Limonene & Linalool: found in fragrances & listed due to being known irritants; if you have sensitivity to fragrances, it’s nice to look for these listed ingredients

    How to use:

    • Apply a thin layer to clean skin
    • Leave on for 5-20 minutes
    • Remove with water
    • Use as a full-face mask 1-3 times a week

    I Dew Care Pure to the Pure Cleansing Volcanic Ash Clay Mask (2.46 oz / 70 g / $19.00)

    Product Description: This colorful clay mask works like magic to deliver clearer-looking, radiant skin. The formula is infused with volcanic ash and charcoal to help deep-clean pores.

    Benefits & Ingredients:

    • Volcanic Ash purifies and helps minimize appearance of pores
    • Charcoal powder absorbs excess sebum
    • Wash-off formula made with Jeju volcanic ash clean leaves skin feeling fresh and clean

    Ingredients List:

    • PEG/PPG-17/6 Copolymer:
    • Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/Beheneth-25 Methacrylate Crosspolymer:
    • Cellulose Gum:
    • Hydroxyethylcellulose:
    • Chlorphenesin: offers anti-bacterial and anti-fungal efficacy; typically combined with other preservatives to boost efficacy, like Phenoxyethanol
    • 1,2-Hexanediol: boosts or aids the preservation of cosmetic formulations; it can be used in combination with other multifunctional ingredients to achieve completely preservative-free claims
    • Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Disodium EDTA: chelating agents that aids in the preservation of cosmetics against metals and hard water
    • Phenoxyethanol, Hydroxyacetophenone, Caprylyl Glycol: a blend that is a broad spectrum preservative blend containing an
    • Betaine: has hygroscopic (water seeking) and moisturizing properties; it has strong water binding capacity to ensure skin moisture retention
    • Papain: an enzyme protein isolated fro papaya that can whiten, lighten, and smooth skin

    How to use:

    • Apply an even layer all over cleansed face or on targeted spots.
    • Relax for 10-15 minutes or once the mask is dry
    • Wash off with lukewarm water while massaging in circular motions.
    • Recommended use — once or twice a week

    Compare & Contrast

    • Both products come in jars 🏺 GlamGlow does sell a MegaSize version that comes in a squeezey-tube with a small brush for $79.00
    • Products look like they would have very similar textures while sitting in the jars — they do have different colors which make it easier to distinguish from each other
    • Application: You can feel bits and pieces of clay or powder from the GlamGlow mask as you apply — very minimal. It has an instant cooling and tingling sensation as you apply. I Dew Care’s mask has a gum/gel-like texture that is smooth and easy to apply. It has a similar sensation to a gel-cream with a hydrating feel. I don’t experience any tingling sensation with this mask like you do with the GlamGlow mask.
    • Dry-time: dries around the same time as each other
    • On the back of the hand: GlamGlow’s dry down feels like dry scales; whereas I Dew Care’s dry down feels like a smooth film without feeling scaley.

    Final Verdict & Why

    Both masks have their own unique qualities to them.

    I’ve seen plenty of pictures online with the GlamGlow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment Mask where you see your pores when the mask dries. It also has an instant tingling sensation that I like, because it makes me feel like the mask is actually doing something — sensory!

    The I Dew Care Pure to the Pore mask has a more hydrating feel to the application and once it has dried down. Even when the mask has dried, my skin doesn’t feel tight and dry.

    Both masks made my skin feel soft and clean 🧼.

    For $79.00, you can get a 3.4 oz (100 g) version of the GlamGlow SUPERMUD mask. Reminder that the I Dew Care Pure to the Pore mask is $19.00 for 2.46 oz (70g).

    For the price point and amount of product that you receive, I would choose the I Dew Care Pure to the Pore Cleansing Volcanic Ash Clay Mask! I Dew Care Pure to the Pore Cleansing Volcanic Ash Clay Mask does contain papain which is an enzyme that has exfoliating and brightening properties, but it is used below 1% in the formula. You may not be getting the same benefits from the AHAs & BHAs that the GlamGlow has, but you can always combine the I Dew Care mask with a different product that has AHAs & BHAs — and it’ll probably still be cheaper than spending $79.00 for the GlamGlow.

    If you would like to see your pores, I’d suggest that you get the GlamGlow SUPERMUD. If you want the best bang for your buck, I’d get the I Dew Care Pure to the Pore mask and combine it with a product that has AHAs & BHAs.

    Hopefully this review is helpful to those looking for an alternative to the very popular GlamGow SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment or those who are fans of clay masks!

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