A blog dedicated to cosmetic chemistry where a cosmetic chemist is here to answer your questions and discuss beauty, cosmetics, science & more. Promoting beauty & science together as a platform to educate & empower those looking for their voice.

If you have any comments/questions, please submit them through the Contact tab or directly e-mail: cosmeticpadacts@gmail.com. Follow us on Instagram/Twitter (@cosmeticpadacts) & Facebook for updates on upcoming posts.

Who is this blog meant for?

This blog is meant for those who are interested in cosmetics, beauty, and personal care. It is meant for those who are looking for a voice of reason in the industry, women in science, minorities, and more.

What you can learn from this blog?

  • Formulation 101: Learn the basics of cosmetic chemistry & become more informed about different aspects of cosmetic formulation.
  • Technology/Trends: Posts & reviews about new technology and trends that may impact the cosmetic industry for chemists & consumers.
  • Career: How to become a cosmetic chemist or how to get involved in the industry?
  • Cosmetic Products & Ingredients: Through my reviews of cosmetic products & ingredients, you will be able to learn:
    • Why the cosmetic product is so popular?
    • About the aesthetics of the product
    • Decode the Ingredients List — Is it worth your time and money?
    • and more…

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